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Holistic Wisdom: The 7 Best Dinosaurs of Ixalan

Ixalan is teeming with Magic’s newest, most dangerous tribe, and Freyalise at MTG Mint Card counts down the best of them.

Ixalan, Iconic Masters, and Pauper

Pauper is about to see some big changes with two new sets entering the format, and Alex Ullman at Gathering Magic analyzes their implications.

The Reprints of Ixalan

Between Duress and Spell Pierce, Ixalan‘s reprints pack a punch. Riley Knight looks at all of the returning hits in the newest set.

Here Is An Introduction To The English, Northern Irish and Scottish MTG National Teams

Meet the National teams of England Ireland, and Scotland care of Graeme Mclntyre at mtgUK.

Look at this Magic the Gathering Cosplay

You just have to see this one to believe it.


Channel Reid – Modern Cube Draft

Reid tries his hand at the Modern Cube!

Mana Bases in Ixalan Standard

Every deck you brew in the new format will live and die at the same starting point: your mana base.

Don’t Look Now But There’s a U/B Aggro-Control Deck in Standard

Paulo knows a thing or two about synergistic, blue-black tribal decks.

Channel PMayne – Modern U/R Breach

Why bother cheating small-time creatures like Primeval Titan into play when you can aim high with the biggest creature of them all?

Channel LSV – Vintage Delver

This video was recorded before the restriction of Monastery Mentor and Thorn of Amethyst, but after some consideration, we determined that the content was too good to waste.

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