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Japanese Nationals

The Japanese National Team is set in stone with National Champion Kenta Harane joining runner up Shota Yasooka and pro points leader Yuuya Watanabe to create a fearsome team.

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Magic: The Gathering Making a Play for eSports with Digital Release

Patrick Shanley at Hollywood Reporter writes about WotC’s intention for Magic: The Gathering Arena to be a major eSports title.

Instant Deck Tech: Pre-Sligh (Historic Standard)

Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish has a video on the beginning of RDW.

Approaching Ixalan Standard

With a rotation this large, you’ll need the help of every big gun you can assemble. Lee Shi Tian at MTG Mint Card thinks about how the new Standard will shape up.

Digital Magic Isn’t Embarrassing (Anymore)

Adam Styborski at TCGPlayer got a preview of Arena and liked what he saw.

Ixalan’s Best Treasure

Ben Friedman at Gathering Magic writes about some of Ixalan’s sweetest cards.


Opt to The Races!

Should you opt to play Ixalan’s reprint of a classic Invasion cantrip?

Channel PMayne – Modern Tribal Zoo

Here’s a blast from the past that would make Raphael Levy smile: a Zoo deck that abuses domain to get the most out of Tribal Flames and Might of Alara!

It’s Better to Make One Mistake Everyone Sees than Two Only You Know About

PV breaks down sunk cost fallacy, and how your natural aversion to embarrassment can cost you a game of Magic.

Blue Control Decks Post-Rotation

Get an early rundown of the outlook for control with the addition of Ixalan from one of the greatest control players of all time!

4C Leovold Deck Guide

Control is still viable in Legacy, and Andrea shows you the ropes to his favorite deck in the format.

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