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Ixalan’s Star of Standard Extinction

A new format is nearly upon us, and Ben Friedman gives you the compass to steer the hostile waters of an unexplored Standard by breaking down every deck that dies in the coming extinction, and which decks will withstand the rotation.

Standard for Nationals 2017

Of course, there’s still one event left with the current format, and not everyone has been keeping up with it the whole time. Justin Robb at MTGMintCard gets you up to speed on the best choices for the tournament, what to look out for, and how to tune according to your expectations.

How Ixalan’s Tribes Will Impact Standard

How can we tell when a tribe is well supported enough to crack the competitive tiers of Standard? How do you spot the next Zombies? Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer explains how the new tribes of Ixalan will shape Standard.

Vintage Restricted List Changes and Vintage Leagues

Get a fresh take on the Vintage restricted list changes from Jaroslava Stefankova at PureMTGO, and an early look at the new Vintage Leagues on MTGO.

Boating, Flipping, and Catapulting on the Stockholm Archipelago

With Pirate ships on their way with Ixalan, what better time to play Magic on the high seas? Check out this blast of a nautical gaming journey from David Chambers at Old School MTG.


4-Color Treasure for the New Ixalan Standard

Tighten that peg leg and put on that eye patch—it’s time to go hunting for treasure.

Channel Nassif – Modern U/B Control

Gabriel Nassif showed this deck can win in a MOCS qualifier, a control deck that trades in white for discard spells and The Scarab God!

Deck of the Day: White Eldrazi

Say goodbye to the Eldrazi in this mono-white midrange deck built to abuse Eldrazi Displacer!

Bring on the Pirates and Dinosaurs!

A skeptic at first, the flavor of Ixalan has Brian singing a whole new tune as he takes an early look at some of the sweetest new cards.

The Top 8 Cards Rotating Out of Standard

Andy Cooperfauss and Frank Lepore say goodbye to the 8 most impactful cards we lose in the Ixalan Standard rotation!

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