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August 28 Banned and Restricted Announcement

This one caught me by surprise this week, as I admittedly didn’t even have this announcement on my calendar! As Frank pointed out to me on this week’s Magic TV, it says something about the state of Standard that I didn’t even think to prepare for this one.

Still, the effect on Vintage should be pretty profound, here’s the cliff notes version:

Monastery Mentor and Thorn of Amethyst are restricted.

Yawgmoth’s Bargain is no longer restricted.

Behind the Scenes with Alleged Ixalan Card Theft

You might have noticed that an unusually considerable deluge of new Ixalan previews at the beginning of this week, and unfortunately, it was the result of theft. Scott Kelly and Blake Rasmussen have the details.

From Around the Web

Three Pro Players’ Strategies for Mastering Magic

Modern rewards practice and experience above all else, but you can get a leg up with some help from those who have already done the work. Rafael Abrahams at Complete Kotaku interviews Emma Handy, Zac Elsik, and Thien Nguyen about Modern, and their strategies for succeeding in a diverse format.

Judge tosses case brought by Magic: the Gathering judge who wants to be paid

A federal judge in California sided with Wizards of the Coast on this point: the judge program is voluntary. Cyrus Farivar at Ars Technica has the story.

Magic: The Gathering’s Latest Epansion Asks You to Choose a Tribe (Review)

Kyle Hill at Nerdist breaks down and evaluates the new preconstructed decks from Commander 2017.

Building Four-Colour Legacy Pile

If you want to play control in Legacy, you know that Miracles is no longer an option. Luckily, there’s still hope for the Delverless, and Keith Capstick at Mana Deprived has a complete teardown of “4C Czech Pile,” a good stuff deck packed with disruption, card advantage, and the best creatures the format has to offer.

The Pro Perspective: Eric Froehlich

Yeah this is a logroll, sue me! (Please don’t sue me.) Alex Ullman at Gathering Magic interviews our own Eric Froehlich, and how he’s come to appreciate Pauper—and the aspects of it that surprised him the most as an outsider to the format.


The Top 10 Most Important Groups of Cards that Will Rotate Out of Standard

In September, we’ll say goodbye to many cards that defined Standard, and with them, decks that relied on those cards. Which matter most?

Monastery Mentor and Thorn of Amethyst Restricted in Vintage

Vintage caught a sizable shake-up in the latest B&R announcement. Bob Huang brings you the details.

A Critique of Gamer Language

Pwning n00bs is timeless lingo, but a few galling phrases linger in our collective vocabulary.

Channel Nassif – Standard U/B Control

Gabriel Nassif pilots his current preferred control configuration with Kalitas, black removal, and The Scarab God.

Ixalan Mechanics Revealed

Self-promotion? Check. Hey, it’s my column!

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