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Hunka Hunka Burning Rage

Top Level Podcast gives you the chance to sit down in a room with two legends of the game, Mike Flores and Patrick Chapin, and hear their thoughts and opinions on the latest cards and strategies in Magic. This week, Mike expressed his… skepticism about the inclusion of Shrine of Burning Rage over Eidolon of the Great Revel in the Burn deck that won GP Birmingham.

Playing the Aristocrats

Pauper has a way of surprising you in the way that certain cards thrive in its unique context. Here, Limited hits like Sacred Cat, Sultai Emissary, and Safehold Elite combine with Nantuko Husk and Rally the Peasants to create a formidable Orzhov Aristocrats deck that Alex Ullman has been championing over at Gathering Magic.

Delving into Older Formats

Little bit of logrolling here, but it’s my column I can do what I want! Our own Rachel Agnes has an article over on MTG Price that shows you exactly how to take the next step into Modern or Legacy.

The Team MTG Mint Card Experience

Get some insight into what it’s like to play with a superteam for a Pro Tour with Eduardo Sajgalik at MTG Mint Card, as he recaps the testing experience for the site’s namesake team, culminating in their Top 4 for finish in the Team Series.

Breaking Hollow One

Hollow One has been the subject of some intense brewing in Modern, and Seth Manfield at lays out the best options over at TCGPlayer.


Channel Mengucci – Legacy Jund

Mengucci’s Bloodbraid’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble…

Channel Reid – Standard Zombies

Watch Reid unleash an army of the undead in a Standard queue on Magic Online!

7 Keys to Leveling Up Your Sideboarding

Frank teaches you how to sideboard like a pro.

What’s the Pick? Hour of Devastation Pack 1 Pick 1 with PV

Learn to draft like a pro with Pro Tour Hour of Devastation Champion PVDDR!

Channel LSV – Hour of Devastation Draft

Follow along with LSV as he guides you through another Hour of Devastation Draft!

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