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Man Stabbed 7 Times Over Magic: The Gathering Game

The biggest story of the week was the most unfortunate, with this unsettling account out of St. Cloud, Minnesota. A game of Magic got so heated that it came to a physical altercation—you’ll have to read Nahila Bonfiglio’s report at The Daily Dot for the bizarre details.

Playing Marducks at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation

Raphael Levy has a new take on Vehicles that isn’t quite Mardu over at TCGPlayer—it adds blue for Glint-Nest Crane to fetch up hits like Walking Ballista, Scrapheap Scrounger, and Aethersphere Harvester.

Banning Concessions, Yes or No

Concessions have been the subject of considerable controversy lately, and no matter the circumstances, something ends up feeling “off” whenever a high-profile one occurs. What’s the solution? Arnaud Soumet at MTG Mind argues that concessions should be banned.

Top 10 Best Elves in Magic the Gathering’s History

Look. If you rank something awesome, it’s going to make this article. I don’t make the rules. Kerry Meyerhoff at ManaLeak has a countdown of the 10 best members of Magic’s oldest tribe.

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation by the Numbers

It doesn’t take a genius to find out that Ramunap Red dominated Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, but if you’re looking for a thorough analysis, there’s no better place to go than MTGGoldfish and SaffronOlive’s complete tear down of the cards and archetypes that succeeded or flopped at the event.


Red Deck Really Does Win

Red went from worst color in the format to Pro-Tour-dominating archetype with one set. PV breaks down his winning build.

How Do You Win This Turn? (Hour of Devastation Limited Edition)

Frank’s got two tricky puzzles for Pro Tour week! Think you can find the solution in a single turn?

Channel PMayne: Standard Ramunap Red

Get a look at Pascal’s testing before the Pro Tour as he tried out the archetype that went on to win the event!

PT Testing Insider with Ben Seck

Limited Resources: LSV and Marshall with Guest TBS

Can Red Be Beat?

Yes, but it’s going to take some hard work.

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