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Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa Wins Pro Tour Hour of Devastation

Paulo fought his way through one of the most exciting Top 8s I’ve ever witnessed to snag the trophy in Kyoto. His Ramunap Red deck carried him through a Top 8 packed with red decks—save Sam Pardee and his G/B Constrictor build, who he defeated in a 5-game set in the finals. This marks PV’s 12th (!) Pro Tour Top 8, and his 2nd win. Congratulations to both Paulo and Sam for their incredible achievement.

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Only YOU Can Prevent 2-for-1s | A Magic: the Gathering Public Service Announcement | MtG

Maria and Meghan of Magic the Amateuring join up with The Professor of Tolarian Community College to share a quick PSA on how to avoid Magic’s most notorious blowout.

Recapping the Latest Organized Play Updates

There were some big changes to Organized Play last week, which we covered a little here at CFB. Arnaud Soumet at MTG Mint Card has his own take on the announcements, from the new Bronze level to the return of Modern to the Pro Tour and more.

Hour of Devastation Art Review

Take a close look at he artwork of Hour of Devastation with Mike Linnemann at Gathering Magic.

A Million Dollar Pro Tour

The Organized Play changes have repercussions for everyone on the Pro Tour, and World Champion Seth Manfield has a few that he’s particularly excited about.

Up Close With Magic: The Gathering’s Must-Have SDCC Exclusives

The planeswalker promos from this year’s SDCC are some of the coolest I’ve ever seen, and you can see them in incredible detail thanks to Kyle Hill at Nerdist.


5 Big Changes are Coming to the Pro Tour

Big changes are coming to pro levels, the Grand Prix schedule, and the formats we see at the Pro Tour. Andrea weighs in on the 5 biggest.

Building Modern Abzan

With Lingering Souls’ stock at an all-time high, G/B master Reid Duke brings you his ideal list of Abzan.

Hit or Myth: Hour of Devastation Edition

Join Mashi and Frank for another round of Hit or Myth!

Standard G/R Eldrazi Ramp

It’s a new Standard format and there’s plenty of room to get brewing. Corey starts with a ramp deck built around Hour of Promise!

Long Live Legacy!

Legacy at the Team trios Constructed Pro Tour in 2018 has big implications for Legacy. Rachel shows you where to get started.

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