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Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad

Steve Rubin took down Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad with Green/White Tokens amid a Top 8 that ranks among the greatest of all time: Shota Yasooka, Brad Nelson, Seth Manfield, Luis Salvatto, and our own Luis Scott-Vargas, Jon Finkel, and Andrea Mengucci. On top of that, the Top 8 featured incredible diversity, with 8 distinct Standard decks. You can find the lists for each of them here.

Changes to Pro Tour Players Club and Premier Play

Helene Bergeot announced a major change to the way appearance fees are structured for players with Platinum status and Hall-of-Famers effective after Pro Tour Eldritch Moon. Here are the two relevant sections:

  • “Hall of Famers will only receive an appearance fee of $1,500 for competing at the Pro Tour that features the Hall of Fame induction ceremony (previously $1,500 at all Pro Tours and the World Magic Cup)
  • Platinum pros will receive an appearance fee of $250 for competing at Pro Tours (previously $3,000), an appearance fee of $250 for competing at the World Magic Cup (previously $1,000), and an appearance fee of $250 for competing at a World Magic Cup Qualifier (previously $500).”

No More Modern Pro Tour

Modern will no longer be a Pro Tour format. Aaron Forsythe outlined Wizards’ vision for the future of the format here.

5 Articles from Around the Web

Commander: Low-Power Sidisi Self-Mill

Check out this budget-friendly Commander list built around Sidisi, Brood Tyrant, with some off-beat options that prove you don’t need to break the bank to have a solid casual deck.

The Werewolves of Modern: Huntmaster of the Fells and Arlinn Kord

Over at MTG Fan Blog, zombiecreaturetoken breaks down the decision between two great RG 4-drops in Modern—how and why you might consider each one, along with a verdict on which is the better main-deck choice overall.

How to Defeat the Humans

Craig Wescoe is the undisputed master of white aggro decks, and over at TCGPlayer he unveils the keys to beating his favorite archetype.

All About Bant Company

Jim Davis won an Invitational with Bant Company, and he broke down the deck in full over at SCG, from mana to creatures to sideboard cards. On top of that, he threw in a sweet Modern Jeskai Tokens list at the end. Check it out.

Pro Tour Coverage, Prices and You

MTGGoldFish is the site for Magic finance information and stats, and SaffronOlive never fails to deliver a hit. This week, he analyzed the effect of Pro Tour Top 8s on the price of rares and mythics—all the more prescient given the effect of Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad on Seasons Past and Pyromancer’s Goggles.

5 ChannelFireball Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

Channel LSV – Legacy Cube Draft #5

Blue/red Delver is a tough archetype to pull off in Legacy Cube, so don’t miss LSV’s attempt to cobble together the perfect mix of efficient threats, burn, and disruption.

Top 5

PV ranks Harry Potter books, dual lands, players without a Pro Tour Top 8, and a lot more.

Sperling’s Sick of It, Shadows over Innistrad Edition

Ever notice something in a piece of card art or flavor text that drove you nuts? Then you’ll want to catch this month’s Sick of It, as Matt Sperling tears apart (not literally—I don’t think) some of the most irksome cards in Shadows over Innistrad.

Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad Special: Rich Hoaen

Florian Koch interviews legendary Limited player Rich Hoaen about his career and preparation for Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad.

Channel Pardee Time – UW Thopter Control

The new Modern format is still a huge question mark, but our guys are hard at work finding the best list and putting the new unbanned cards through the ringer. Check out GP Champion (and Top 5 player without a PT Top 8, according to PV) Sam Pardee’s take on UW Control with the Thopter/Sword combo.

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Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad Top 8 Deck Lists

Seasons Past Control

Jon Finkel

Goggles Ramp

Brad Nelson

Black-Green Aristocrats

Luis Scott-Vargas

Esper Dragons

Shota Yasooka

Esper Control

Seth Manfield

Green-White Tokens

Steve Rubin

Bant Company

Andrea Mengucci

Red-White Eldrazi Goggles

Luis Salvatto


Researched by William Lamping.

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