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Grand Prix Las Vegas Modern Analysis

Andreas Petersen at Snapcardster dives into the Top 8 of Grand Prix Las Vegas, with a close look at Hatebears, Affinity, and Daniel Wong’s Taking Turns deck. Add an interview with Champion Mani Davoudi for good measure and you’ve got a nice wrap-up of the event.

Instant Deck Tech: Mono-Green Stompy (Standard)

With Marvel out of the picture, midrange finally has a chance to succeed. Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish covers a new take on an old archetype, mono-green beatdown, featuring Rhonas and Blossoming Defense.

Underappreciated Cube Archetypes

Here’s an article that speaks to me: CottonRhetoric at PureMTGO looks at the archetypes that go undrafted too often in Cube. Ever try midrange black Necropotence or the artifact deck? He breaks out key synergies, trap cards, and even advice for drafting your mana.

Rothgar’s Competitive Corner: Back in the Game

Vegas showed that any archetype can break through with enough tuning and practice. Rothgar13 at TappedOut goes over some of the decks in Modern that haven’t spent much time in the spotlight but have the power to compete with the best decks.

Welcome to Eldrazi Summer

Colorless Eldrazi has been smashing Modern for awhile now, but hasn’t seen much play in Standard. Raphael Levy at TCGplayer shows you a revamp of the archetype that might be ready for primetime.


Top 8 Lessons from GP Las Vegas

Magic TV: Grand Prix Vegas taught us a few new things about Magic, formats, and Grand Prix in general. Andy, Paul, and Frank count them down.

G/W Cats with Hour of Devastation

Is Hour of Devastation the purrfect time for the Cat tribe to finally break through?

What’s The Play: The Scry?

We know mulliganing is hard, but the scry has added another dimension. Should you top or bottom? See if you can find the right line.

Channel Reid: Legacy Elves #2

Reid shows you the ropes with the deck he took to battle at GP Vegas!

Channel PCox: Amonkhet Draft

Pat Cox takes you through another Amonkhet Draft breaking down each pick and every match!

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