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New Hour of Devastation Spoilers

Keep up with the latest Hour of Devastation previews at Wizards’ official page.

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The Return of Hate and Hosers (HOU Exclusive Previews)

Following up on The Importance of Hate and Hosers in Standard, where he argued that Standard sets need “checks” like Rest in Peace and Stony Silence in case their mechanics get out of hand, SaffronOlive at MTGOGoldfish takes a look at what looks like a return to that philosophy in Hour of Devastation.

On Books and Bannings

Obviously, Jayemdae Tome is a powerhouse (believe it or not, for Old-School Magic, that isn’t a joke). What would The Deck look like without it? Svante Landgraf stays one step ahead of a possible change to the format with a comprehensive look at the next-best card draw options in the format.

Hate Cards: Part 1

OK frankly this is one of the best ideas for an article format I’ve ever seen. Steve Jeltz at PureMTGO goes down the list of the most popular decks in Pauper, and then enumerates the cards you can play to fight them. Great concept, great execution. Check it out.

How to Spot Fake MTG Cards

Can you tell a real Magic card from a counterfeit? Sam Martin has a PSA that the whole Magic community should familiarize themselves with. At Manaleak.com, he explains in great detail how to spot fake cards. With the Bend Test, the Light Test, the Water Test, and more, you’ll be an expert on phonies in no time.

Exclusive Hour of Devastation Preview: Angel of Condemnation

Here’s a sweet one that will be destroying a game of Limited near you—Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer previews a sweet new Angel from Hour of Devastation.


6 Weeks of Travel, Magic, and Affinity

From Italy to Las Vegas, Frank Karsten chronicles his travels around the globe to play the game!

This Graveyard Deck Functions With 0 Lands

This graveyard combo deck functions with zero lands. Well, it’s one way to solve getting mana screwed…

Top 5 1v1 Commander Generals

Rachel counts down the 5 generals dominating the online Leagues right now.

Channel Cheon Throwback Standard Gauntlet: Mono-Blue Tron

See a blast from the past and Mirrodin Standard with Paul Cheon as he pilots Mono-Blue Tron in the Mirrodin-era Throwback Standard Gauntlet.

An Updated Version of Every Standard Deck for the Post-Ban Metagame

Ondrej counts down every viable deck in a new metagame with a giant Marvel-sized hole at the top.

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