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Drafting Hyper-Aggressive Aggro Decks in Amonkhet

Andrea Mengucci wrote up a guide to Team MTG Mint Card’s extremely aggressive Draft archetype that prioritizes Cartouches and cheap creatures (yes, including Slither Blade). Now you can learn how to beat down in Amonkhet straight from the man who broke it, Jason Chung.

Ante Up!

Ever feel like the stakes just aren’t high enough to scratch the competitive itch? Ante once added a little sweetness to every victory (and pain to every loss) in every game of Magic, and Old School MTG can’t ever feel truly “old school” without it. Greg T. at Old School MTG has a neat history of the concept, and a proposal for how to revive it within this format.

How Expensive Is Magic Online?

You’ve got a Standard deck, you’ve got a Modern deck, and you’re ready to up your game with a little practice from the comfort of your own home. But do you really want to buy another copy of a deck you already own? Isn’t that going to cost a fortune? Well, SaffronOlive at MTGGoldfish walks you through exactly how much Magic Online really costs, from signing up to breaking into any of the major formats. He also does a quick price comparison to Heathstone, the findings of which I found genuinely surprising.

Dragon Hype

Keep your eye on price fluctuations in Commander with the help of Jim Castle at Gathering Magic as he takes an early look at the financial impact of the forthcoming Commander set.

Fixing Magic Online’s Commander

Here on ChannelFireball, Joel Larsson had some choice words for the design of a format that is, admittedly, off to a bit of a stale start on Magic Online. Corbin Hosler has his own suggestions on how to improve 1v1 Commander, including one particularly bold change that would mark a radical departure from the current course.


How Many Lands Do You Need to Consistently Hit Your Drops?

Frank gives you the formula to determine how many lands you need to cast your spells on curve!

Mardu in Montreal: Top 4

After a string of bad finishes, Max McVety didn’t have high hopes for Montreal. But with the help of a proven Mardu list he made the Top 4.

Modern Jund Deck Guide

Every once in awhile a write submits a piece that gets me to fire up MTGO as I’m editing it. Reid’s fondness for and expertise with Jund is simply infectious, and within minutes I was off getting destroyed in Modern queues as I tried to remember what the hot keys are. Give this one a reid.

Wheel of Time in Modern

Truth be told, Marcus Ewaldh actually had me scouring my collection for Wheel of Fates before Reid even submitted his Jund guide. Alas, I couldn’t put together this deck, which was a real pity because it looks like a complete blast.

YouTube-Only Videos

We put up a few more fun videos that you can only catch on the YouTube page, so make sure to head over there and subscribe so you don’t miss them.

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