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Play Design

Over the past year, Standard has been fraught with balance issues and bannings. Mark Rosewater announced that Wizards will be taking a big step to rectify the issue by creating a new group in R&D: Play Design.

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Did You Say “Combat”?

Pro Tour Aether Revolt unveiled a sticky shortcut ruling in Magic that frustrated many observers. Does saying “combat” mean you wish to go to beginning of combat, or declare attackers? A new change seeks to clarify the difference, and Riccardo Tessitori describes the ins and outs over at Blackborder.

Mardu True

Get some insight into Standard from a Pro Tour Champion. Steve Rubin breaks down how he built his Mardu deck at TCGPlayer.

Challenge Accepted

Pauper’s got a big event coming up with real prizes on the line. There’s no better authority to get you ready for it than Alex Ullman. He surveys the best options to give you a singular resource on the format, covering Mono-Black, Stompy, Izzet, and more.

Pro Tour Amonkhet: By The Numbers

If Frank Karsten’s Day Two Metagame Breakdown left you hungry for more analysis, MTGGoldfish’s SaffronOlive has your back. He does a deep dive on the Top 8 decks, and the archetypes that you might have missed at first glance.

Digging Into Grixis Death’s Shadow

Death’s Shadow is still the premier strategy in Modern, but it might be time for a change-up. There are some big advantages to playing blue, and Trevor Holmes takes you through each of them at Modern Nexus.


5 Short Videos

I launched a new project that’s just for our YouTube channel, a series of quick videos from LSV and PV (so far!) that are intended to give them an outlet for quick reactions, short thoughts, and ideas that connect better via video. So far I’ve been happy with the product, and below you’ll find 5 examples of what they’ve been up to for starters. If you like what you see, give it a thumbs up—we really do use that stuff to keep track of what kind of content you all like. And if you want to see more, make sure to subscribe to the channel, since right now most of these videos are only available on our YouTube channel.

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