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Gerry Thompson Wins Pro Tour Amonkhet

Pro Tour Amonkhet graced us with one of the most deserving champions you could choose, who was gentlemanly enough to spare us a Mardu or Aetherworks Marvel victory thanks to his Mono-Black Zombies deck. It was no easy road, as he had to defeat none other than all-time-great end boss Yuuya Watanabe in the finals to snag the trophy.

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Get To Know Players On The Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour

Get to know the players of Team Pantheon a little more closely as Lauren Orsini the Owen and Ben Rubin over at Forbes.

A Tale of Two Finkels

Speaking of Team Pantheon, here’s a hilarious post from a man who is not a member of it. Jon Finkel writes about what it’s like to share a name with Magic’s greatest player of all time.

Policy Changes for Amonkhet

Get an in-depth looks at the latest changes to tournament rules, including the notorious combat shortcut, from Toby Elliot at MagicJudges.org.

Pro Tour Amonkhet Day Two Standard Metagame Breakdown

Frank Karsten knocks it out of the park by—you guessed it—running the numbers on the Standard metagame at Pro Tour Amonkhet. You won’t get a more thorough look at Standard anywhere else so if you only read one article this week, it’s got to be this one.

Black Aggro in Standard

I’m most posting this for the called shot from Craig Wescoe, who wrote up a complete piece on the deck that won the Pro Tour before it happened, and then played (what else?) W/R Humans himself.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

The Pro Tour is Changing

Amonkhet’s early release has huge implications for the Pro Tour, from super teams to bannings. Is it a change for the better? Mike Sigrist examines.

Top 8 Weirdest Cards

Mostly I’m just happy to have picked the topic for one of my favorite Top 8s we’ve ever done. Check this one out, Ben Seck is an encyclopedia of irrelevant Magic marginalia.

My Story

With the Pro Tour on the horizon, Ondrej looks back at the path that brought him here—and the lessons he learned along the way.

Keep or Mulligan?

Master the one of the toughest decisions in the game with the help of a Hall-of-Famer!

Channel Reid: Amonkhet Draft

Follow along with Reid Duke as he guides you through another Amonkhet Draft!

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