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Toby Elliot announced a new organization structure for judge levels. Instead of the previous 5-tier system, there are now 3 designations: Level 1 – Regular REL In-Store Judge, Level 2 – Competitive REL Judge, and Level 3 – Premier Judge.

Hasbro announced this week that Greg Leeds has resigned as CEO of Wizards of the Coast and will be replaced by Chris Cocks, who makes the move from Microsoft.

Jim Davis won the first post-Shadows-over-Innistrad Standard event with Bant Collected Companyin a Top 8 with 6 other white decks, including 4 Human Aggro decks.

5 Articles from Around the Web

Videos and Pics from n00bcon 8

In March, “Mg” covered an Old-School Magic event—a format where only cards printed up to the The Dark are legal. ChannelFireball features Old-School Magic as a side event format at all of its Grand Prix.

Grinder Finance – SCG Baltimore Analysis

At MTGprice, Jim Casale reviewed the results of the SCG Open in Baltimore, and why white aggro dominated (Short version: Declaration in Stone is insane).

The Many Faces Of W/B Midrange

Ross Merriam covered the best and most interesting versions of white/black midrange at SCG Baltimore, along with his recommendations on the best card choices for the current metagame at StarCityGames.

Value and Devotion

At Gathering Magic, Alex Ullman broke down one of Pauper’s defining archetypes—Mono-Black Control—and how the deck may change with Shadows over Innistrad.

Ancestral Vision — The Future of Blue in Modern

And at TCGPlayer, Adam Yurchick goes over how Ancestral Vision will shake up Modern, and in particular how it could bring back one of Magic’s greatest aggro-control decks: Faeries.

5 ChannelFireball Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

The New Modern Ban List and the New Standard

Paul Cheon, Mashi Scanlan, and Darksteel Humphrey cover the huge changes to Modern and what the reintroduction of Ancestral Vision and Sword of the Meek might mean for the format.

Blue Brews for the New Modern

If you’re looking for Modern brews with Vision and Sword to get started on, PV covered a ton of angles from Lantern Control to UW Control to Faeries.


Brian DeMars pens an insightful and illuminating look at what it takes to effect change in yourself as a person and as a player.

Temur Midrange in Modern

Reid Duke went a different direction with Ancestral Vision—slotting the newly unbanned draw spell into a midrange deck with Tarmogoyf, Huntmaster of the Fells, and countermagic.

Shadows over Innistrad Constructed Set Review – Gold & Colorless Cards

LSV wrapped  up his full Shadows over Innistrad Set Review last week—in his last post you’ll find links to every color for Limited and Constructed.

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