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Throwback Standard Gauntlet: Twenty Years of Standard

You can play with some classic Standard decks from across Magic’s history, starting with Mirage-Tempest Standard. Tradewind Rider, Oath, and Suicide Black are just some of the options you can take into battle on Magic Online.

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This Month in Legacy: Febuary Legacy Challenge and Reassessing Threats

Sean Brown at MTG Goldfish brings an exhaustive look at the Legacy Challenge metagame, and the changing contours of the format with the addition of Fatal Push.

PT: AER – Champion, Part 2

Last week, Pro Tour Aether Revolt Champion Lucas Berthoud broke down the Standard deck he used to win the Pro Tour. He follows that up with the story of the formation of the testing team Dex Army that helped him get there.

Enter the Battlefield: Madison

For as long as I’ve been following Magic, Madison, Wisconsin has been a hotbed of Magic talent. This episode of Enter the Battlefield seeks out the an explanation for its continued ability to produce high caliber players.

Art Book Reviews: A Review of Magic Art in 2016

Mike Linnemann at Gathering Magic brings you a thorough review of the year’s art from cards to artists to the game’s 4th artbook.

Valentine’s Day on Amonkhet

CopySix has a little holiday fun with the creature types of Magic’s next plane over at MTG Realms.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

CFB Ice’s Rejected Pro Tour Aether Revolt Brews

I love seeing the roads that each of our teams went down in their testing. Whether their ideas paid off or not, you can more insight into the high-level brewing thought process with these articles than anywhere else. Check out some of PV’s favorite decks from Team CFB Ice’s testing for Pro Tour Aether Revolt.

The 4 Big Problems with Standard

Former Player of the Year Mike Sigrist lays out his case for the trouble with Standard—and how it might be fixed.

#PTAER Recap and: Will Heart of Kiran be Banned?

Mashi and Paul sit down to recap Pro Tour Aether Revolt, and debate the chances of another Standard banning.

Modern Affinity with Aether Revolt

AER brought a ton of options for artifact decks. Which are worthy of Affinity? Frank Karsten reviews the options with his updated list.

Team CFB Fire’s Pro Tour Aether Revolt Limited Meeting: Commons and Uncommons

Be a fly on the wall during the tournament prep of Team CFB Fire as they discuss the commons and uncommons of Aether Revolt Draft!

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