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Lucas Berthoud Wins Pro Tour Aether Revolt

Mardu Vehicles dominated the Pro Tour, winning the whole thing in the hands of Lucas Berthoud, a Brazilian player who overcame Marcio Carvalho in a finals mirror match. Team ChannelFireball Ice’s Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa also Top 8’d the event with Mardu Vehicles, and he wrote about the deck the team played on Saturday. Congratulations to PV, and to Team ChannelFireball Fire’s Martin Juza, who made his way into the Top 8 with Jund Energy Aggro.

Magic, Twitch, and You

Wizards is expanding its coverage of tournaments dramatically this year, and the scope of its Twitch offerings. Greg Collins explains it all this week on the mothership.

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MTG Pro Tutor – 169: Reid Duke on How to Prepare for Success

Want to win as much as Reid Duke? Start by getting insight from the man himself in an interview with Shaun Penrod at MTG Pro Tutor. They cover the highs and lows of his career, and the biggest mistakes a player can make.

Stained Glass Window for Superfan

Check out Go90’s video of a stained glass window of Avacyn and how it was created.

MTG Elo Project: ProTeams

Interested in how today’s players stack up on Elo rating? The MTG Elo Project ranks the Pro Tour Team Series teams—both ChannelFireball teams are off to a good start!

Old School Magic Chapter 9: Reanimator Rise to the Top

Reanimator is a classic archetype in Magic, but it didn’t make much of an impact before there were better targets to disentomb. Steve Menendian takes a close look at the history of the archetype, and attempts to build a 1995 version using Polar Kraken and Deep Spawn.

Three Standard Decks You Haven’t Seen

The Pro Tour was a blast to watch, but it wasn’t exactly a showcase for new technology. If you’re looking for something different, Craig Wescoe has you covered.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

How to Identify the Best Deck After the Pro Tour

Well, it probably doesn’t take a Player of the Year to determine the best deck from Pro Tour Aether Revolt, but Mike Sigrists master class on how to pick a deck from the Pro Tour for events the following week is still one you should be sure not to miss.

A New Modern with Aether Revolt

Each PT week, I drag Caleb out of writing retirement to help cover a slower content week. He always manages to deliver something saucy, and this time he’s got a ton of new brews for Modern with new Aether Revolt cards!

What’s the Play? Thoughtseize vs. Hymn to Tourach

PV checks in with his own What’s the Play scenario—which of two iconic Legacy discard spells should you cast first?

The Film Room: Patrick Chapin’s U/R Delver vs. Shahar Shenhar’s Burn

Jacob Wilson dissects a round 4 match that would serve as a finals preview, between eventual Champion Shahar Shenhar and The Innovator Patrick Chapin!

5 Biggest Winners and 5 Biggest Losers from Modern Bannings

Mike discusses which decks the bannings hurt most, and which decks stand to gain in the absence of Gitaxian Probe and Golgari Grave-Troll.

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