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Protrader: the Watchtower 12/19/16

Changes in the Standard market are the most difficult to track, but with a new set being spoiled in Aether Revolt, now is the best time to have your eyes peeled. Travis Allen at MTG Price has a few picks for the final week of 2016.

A Critique of the Frontier Format For Magic: the Gathering

People are down on Standard right now, and Modern has always had a contingent of critics. Naturally, that led to the search for a solution: Frontier. But The Professor at Tolarian Community College has a few reasons you might want to temper your enthusiasm for the future of the wild new Frontier.

Darkest and Happiest Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, spoiler season! Ali Antrazi at GatheringMagic takes a look at Aether Revolt, and how it’ll affect Standard.

Drapht Around the World: South Africa

Get to know Magic players from all over the planet with Raphael Levy! This edition heads to Johannesburg to meet some gamers from South Africa.

Giving Frontier a Chance

Darcy Hartwick shares some of The Professor’s skepticism about Frontier, but sleeved up a deck to give it a try nonetheless. He still has reservations.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Playing Your First Pro Tour

If you’ve ever qualified for the Pro Tour, you know that your first can feel incredibly daunting. PVDDR answers all of those little questions you might be embarrassed to ask.


A Modern Proposal

Standard gets a bevy of cards from each new set, and Vintage and Legacy enjoy small influxes from Commander and Planechase. What about Modern?

2 Ways to Fix Standard

OK, with all this griping about the format, what can we actually do about it in the future? BBD identifies 2 key ways that R&D can keep Standard from feeling stagnant in the future.

Legacy Guide Part II: Overview of Legacy

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