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Craig Wescoe’s White (Weenie Christmas)

Magic the Amateuring and T1 Glistener Elf have a Christmas Song for Craig Wescoe.

Micheal Whelan: Pop Culture Phenom

It’s always intriguing to hear from artists who have made their way to Magic from something “bigger,” and if you’re a fan of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, you’ll know Michael Whelan.

Swagic and Deminwalk

If you’ve only started playing Magic in this millennia, you may not know that in the time before planeswalkers and the Gatewatch, the face of the game was a very unassuming creature.

Mg at Old School Magic takes a fun look at one of the most puzzlingly iconic cards in Magic’s long history.

The Trouble With Fizzles

Speaking of relic’s of Magic’s past, I didn’t even realize that “fizzle” was in fact an official Magic term—albeit some 17 years ago. It’s too much fun to say the word, so I imagine that Thomas Ralph is fighting an uphill battle here, but he makes a compelling case for why the now slang term is a little problematic. Maybe its usage will fizzle out after all.

Breaking Up and Moving On

We’ve all been there. You read the best advice from great players who all tell you the same thing: pick one deck, stick to it. But what happens when you start losing? Should you weather the storm, or make the switch? Jadine Klomparens provides some clarity.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

6 Winners and Losers from Standard GP Weekend and 5 More Winners and Losers from Standard GP Weekend

Denver and Madrid had a huge impact on the Standard metagame, and PV shows you what came out on top, and what fell by the wayside.

A Frozen Standard Metagame?

Is it possible that “solved” formats are a lot further off than we think? How much of it has to do with a willingness to find a new approach? The rise of Marvel casts some doubt on our preconceived notions about the life cycle of a Standard environment.

Paul Cheon’s GP Denver Vlog

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a pro player on the GP grind? Paul Cheon’s vlogs are the best way to get a glimpse.

Legacy Guide Part I: Introduction To Legacy

Here at ChannelFireball, we have tons of resources for leveling up your game as a competiive player. But what about those jumping in for the first time? In an effort to create more resources for players who haven’t had as much experience, Reid’s setting off on an introductory series on Legacy. If you’re new to Magic or the format, it promises to lower the barrier to entry for your next event.

Modernizing Infect

Brian DeMars has a streamlined version of Infect ready for your next Modern tournament.

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