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Eternal Weekend Top 8 Deck Lists and Summary

If you can’t get enough of Eternal and non-rotating formats, Andrew Quinn offers up a smorgasbord of an article on Eternal Weekend. There’s so much information here that it’s hard to tackle in one sitting—bookmark this one for the next time you’re looking for some inspiration for new technology in Legacy, Modern, Vintage, or Old-School.

Modern Flashback Series: Gatecrash

You ever see a sweet old format in the Limited room and double-click before bothering to think about whether you have any recollection of how to play the format? Pause, breathe, read Vincent Borchardt’s article at PureMTGO—then Draft away!

3 Decks I Considered for Chiba

Legacy is a wide open format, so it’s tough to settle on one deck. Lee Shi Tian breaks down the 3 decks he tested for Chiba: Eldrazi, Black-Red Reanimator, and Grixis Delver.

Aetherworks Marvel is Back

The turnaround of Aetherworks Marvel in Standard is one of the most striking we’ve ever seen in Standard, culminating in a complete domination of last week’s Grand Prix weekend. Steve Rubin took his copy all the way to 2nd place at GP Denver, and you can get a full primer on the deck, complete with videos, from the GP finalist himself.

Capitalizing on Mistakes [Pauper]

Pauper’s ban list is littered with mistakes—cards that let you circumvent Magic’s usual resource restrictions. Alex Ullman spends some time with a deck that does that with mana in a simple way—White Weenie.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Standard and Mardu Vehicles After the GPs

Frank Karsten takes a comprehensive look at Standard with a complete metagame breakdown, alongside tuning suggestions for Mardu Vehicles.

B/G Delirium SB Guide

Master the G/B Delirium deck with a complete teardown of the sideboard and matchups by Hall-of-Famer Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa.

The Panharmonicon Article

Every Magic player loves drawing a bunch of cards and doubling value triggers. Pascal gives you everything you need to master the U/W Panharmonicon deck from GP Denver, alongside a set of videos, below.

How to Play Vendilion Clique

Check out this next-level strategy piece from Eternal specialist Bob Huang, which should help you master every facet of playing with V. Clique.

U/B Metallurgic Summonings Deck Guide

Speaking of sweet decks from GP Denver…

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