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World Magic Cup

Greece took down the 2016 World Magic Cup this year, battling through a tough field and multiple formats—including Team Unified Modern, a new take on Unified Constructed that allows each team member to only play cards that no other teammate is playing. The winning team packed Dredge, Abzan, and Infect, and defeated Belgium in the finals. Andrea Mengucci made the Top 4 with Team Italy, and wrote about his tournament and their decks here.

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Picking a Winner

Take a broad look at the current Vintage metagame with Paul Mastriano’s review of the North American Vintage Championship and the best decks from it, including the winning Landstill list, Toughtcast-Gush Mentor, Stax, and Salvagers Oath.

Standard Primer

With Team Unified Modern at the World Magic Cup and a couple of Modern GPs, Standard hasn’t been getting much airtime lately. Andrew Jessup gives you a complete intro to the metagame as it stands so you can be ready to dive back in.

Pauper Domain Zoo

With Peregrine Drake banned, the format has opened up a little, and Jake Stiles shows you a Domain Zoo deck complete with videos.

Don’t Start the Fire, Put It Out: Modern Banlist Speculation

Does ban list speculation hurt the format? David Ernenwein advocates for a reasoned, deliberate approach to the perennial banning fever.

Alternate Ways to Win in Standard

With a very settled metagame, things can get stale fast. Seth Manfield shows you some of the best way to have some fun even in the world of the big 3 decks.

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Pro Tour Team Series First Look

Reid Duke, in a departure from his usual affinity for G/B midrange decks, has taken a shine to a red-white aggro deck in this Standard format. He shows you everything he’s learned about R/W Dwarves in a comprehensive guide.

Reporting From Rotterdam

PV teamed up with Ondrej Strasky and Shahar Shenhar to battle all the way to the Top 4 of Grand Prix Rotterdam. He shares a few of his favorite stories from the event.

Card Choices for Dredge

Fetchlands or Mana Confluence? Should you play Simian Spirit Guide? Dredge is a broken deck, but the ideal list is far from established. BBD goes through the options.

5 Ways to Keep the Grind from Grinding Down

Brian DeMars explains why the Grind can’t be all about Magic all the time—you have to find good ways to keep it exciting.

Playing Without Fear

Fear, just like any emotion, can be managed. Will Jonathan shows you how to eliminate it in your biggest games.

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