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GP Dallas/Fort Worth

Kevin Mackie took the complete off-the-radar Skred Red to a GP Championship in Dallas. You can watch every round from the event below:

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White-Black Eldrazi and Taxes Deck Guide

The king of white aggro, Craig Wescoe, shares his newest take on Death and Taxes at TCGPlayer.

Top 10 Magic The Gathering Cards That Should Never Have Been Printed

We did a Magic TV Top 8 on the same topic and it was our most popular video ever. Check out Kerry Meherhoff’s take on the cards that Magic would be better off without over at ManaLeak.

Instant Deck Tech: Free Win Red (Modern)

It has “free win” in the title. What’s not to like?

Drake Fall and Mailbag

It was a big week for Pauper with an emergency ban that many people expected on the last cycle. Alex Ullman of Gathering Magic covers the implications of the change.

Power Nine Challenge – Getting Consistent: Another Top 10 with U/R/w Delver

Stsung at PureMTGO documents her battles in a Legacy event on MTGO, complete with a metagame breakdown and round-by-round analysis.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

Vintage Paradoxical Storm

I have to admit I wasn’t exactly expecting Reid to bring me a Vintage article last week, but it only took one look at the title for me to get on board.

On Affinity’s Absence in Dallas and New Artifact Options From Kaladesh

When I’m running the show for CFB coverage, I admit that I only register the frequency with which we’re seeing Affinity by the number of times I have to put up the stupid poison count overlay. With 3 Infect in the Top 8, it never occurred to me that Affinity was nowhere to be seen. What happened? Frank has some thoughts, and a look at some crazy new brews made possible by Kaladesh cards.

The Official Basic Lands Power Rankings

Can’t say I agree with the relatively low ranking of Unhinged lands but Luis serves up a very serious, and otherwise 100% authoritative ranking of the aesthetically most pleasing and least pleasing basics with which to adorn your favorite list.

The DredgeDen Files

That title…

The Kaladesh Draft Guide

Ben Stark, greatest Limited mind in the game, wrote up a guide to help you draft this format. Take advantage of it!

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