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Magic Tournament Rules Release Notes

Scott Larabee announced a change to the way pile shuffling will be treated by the rules. Here’s the relevant section:

“Section 3.9 (Shuffling): This change has to do with ‘pile shuffling.’ Pile shuffling alone is not a sufficiently random form of shuffling. Update states that a player may only pile shuffle once each time a deck is randomized. The one pile shuffle is allowed in order to count the number of cards in the deck.”

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MTG for Life Retrospective

Mg at Old School MTG reflects on an inspiring project, turning the value of Magic cards into a force for charity. As Mg wrote a year ago, “changing a Tarmogoyf to a Scavenging Ooze in your deck could actually save lives.”

The Decks to Expect for Week One Standard

Brewing is the most fun part of any rotation, but at the end of the weekend, it’s time to get back to work—and that means looking at the updated and tweaked archetypes you should actually expect to see at your first Standard tournament in the new format. Seth Manfield provides a great breakdown of some of the most likely options.

Dime a Dozen #107: Aspect of Pauper

Jason Moore at MTGOAcademy covers one of Pauper’s best aggro decks: Mono-Green Stompy.

Exploring Kaladesh in Standard

Get another perspective on the approaching Standard environment from Pro Tour runner-up Kyle Boggemes at Gathering Magic. Bant, Delirium—and a bonus section on Modern.

Show and Tell

Cosplay is exploding in popularity at MTG events, but some items in Magic are even more iconic than its characters. Check out this crazy Sword of Feast and Famine replica:


ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

LSV’s Kaladesh Constructed Set Review

LSV’s approaching the end of his Set Review for Kaladesh, green goes up right after this article. This is by far our most popular recurring feature and if you haven’t been keeping up with it, get with the program!

What’s the Pick? Kaladesh Pack 1 Pick 1 with Huey

I love content that does exactly what it says, quickly and easily. These articles are great for quickly testing your instincts about a new format against a Hall-of-Famer’s—I try to go through each of these before I draft a new format, and it always provides a solid foundation to start with in just a few moments.

Magic Math – Kaladesh: Smuggler’s Copter, Glint-Nest Crane, and Inventor’s Apprentice

If you’re building a deck in the new format (or just drafting), Frank’s numbers on Vehicles and artifacts are critical to informing your main-deck configuration.

Temurge Overkill

Sometimes it’s best to just start with the established deck, and Brian DeMars shows you his build of what should be the deck to beat going into the Pro Tour.

Two-Card Interactions in Kaladesh

Kozilek’s Return + emerge, Emrakul + selfmill—Sometimes the best way to build a deck is to just find the most powerful interaction in the format and push on it. BBD tracks down the most intriguing options in the new s

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