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An Exclusive Look at 3 New Cards from Magic’s Upcoming Set

Nick Robinson at Polygon takes a look at Renegade Freighter, Aradara Express, and Ballista Charger. He breaks down the new Vehicle card type in simple terms and examines the effect of these new cards on Limited.

Walking the Planes: “The End”

“Walking the Planes,” a long-running documentary-style series about professional Magic from Nate Holt and Shawn Kornhauser, is an incomparable work that brought us finely crafted content about the game in a way that was always novel, full of whimsy, genuine, and uncompromising in its character. I was sad to see that it is coming to an end, so don’t miss your chance to watch the final episode. And make sure to go back and catch old episodes!

Playing Pauper Stompy

Only in Pauper could the metagame feature cards like Delver of Secrets and Myr Enforcer and allow for a deck including Young Wolf to be one of the best aggro decks in the format. Jake Stiles at MTGOGoldfish offers a video set and a quick breakdown of one of Pauper’s premier aggro decks.

To Keep or Not to Keep: Everything You Need to Know About Mulligans in Magic: the Gathering

Kelly Meyerhoff at manaleak.com gives a great introductory lesson to the fundamentals of mulliganing, including a few quick questions you can ask yourself about every hand you draw.

Painting, Parenthood, and Planewalkers

Patrick Scalisi at Vintage Magic interviews artist Ryan Pancoast, illustrator of Lambholt Pacifist, and it includes a cool oil painting demonstration video.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

The Kaladesh Limited Set Review

LSV’s back to take the reigns of the Kaladesh Set Review, and you can find every section of it in the link above.

The Kaladesh Prerelease Primer

Prerelease weekend is in the books but PV’s primer is still an incredible resource on the format. He breaks down every aspect of the new set from Vehicles to mechanics to combat tricks, then breaks down the top rares, uncommons, and commons in every color.

Hit or Myth: Kaladesh Edition

Hit or Myth is one of the longest running and most popular segments we do here at ChannelFireball, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to catch one yet Kaladesh is the perfect time. The set is full of evocative and interesting mythics, so watch Paul and Mashi render their verdict on each one.

Return of the Titans: Noxious Gearhulk

Joel Larsson’s working his way through each Gearhulk with a prospective build for each one. Personally, I’m most excited about Noxious Gearhulk because I’m more excited about the kinds of games you’ll get to play with it. Verdurous Gearhulk looks like a card that will make my life miserable on coverage by ending matches 40 minutes early.

Taking a Good Hard Look at Bant Eldrazi’s Sideboard

Bant Eldrazi happens to be my favorite Modern deck for a similar reason, and I’d always sort of felt like the sideboard only added a little edge in places that you didn’t really need it. BBD’s article on that very problem is on point, and he offers a new sideboard approach that includes only cards that will absolutely swing a matchup when you play them.

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