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Magic: The Gathering Confirms Date for Next Banned and Restricted List Update

Quinn Mathys at GameRant has the details on the upcoming bans. 

Magic: The Gathering Online Reveals Showcase Challenge And Vintage Cube Events

Joe Pring at WeGotThisCovered explains how mtgo finally got some love. 

“Should I Sell My Fetch Lands?”

Cassie Labelle at TCGInfinate answers the question: should I sell something that got reprinted?

Magic: The Gathering – How Shards of Alara Redefined Multicolored Set Design

Louis Kemner at CBR details how Alara changed set design. 

My Early Thoughts on Core Set 2021 for Standard

Javier Domiguez look at what matters for standard from M21

Best of CFB

Jumpstart is potentially the best “Teaching” MTG format.

Conner Mclead 

Mono-Black Aggro Deck Guide

Martin Juza 

Reid’s Guide to Legacy: Delver

Reid Duke

Building Midrange in Standard

Reid Duke 

Arena Diaries #6 – Man with a Plan

James Keating

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