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Magic: The Gathering Play Design Reveals The Card That Was Almost Reprinted in Core Set 2021

Jake Vyper at EpicStream reveals that Crytolith Rite was almost reprinted. 

Updating Orzhov Doom with Core Set 2021

Joe Soh at Hareruya updates a tier two standard deck.

Alpine Houndmaster and a Little Bit of Gamesmanship

Mike Flores at CoolStuffInc tries to make Alpine Hunstmaster work. 

Top 10 Standard Cards of Core Set 2021

Yoman5 at TCG Infinite looks at the best cards for standard from m21. 

Core Set 2021 Standard Decks from Day 1

Rainmaker at MTGAZone looks at the best decks for the new standard 

Best of CFB

An In-depth Early Look at M21 Draft

Alex Nikolic

Sultai – Standard | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

Jund Sacrifice Deck Guide with M21

William Jensen

Will Conspicuous Snoop be the most impactful card of Core Set 2021?

Martin Juza

Gruul Standard Deck & Sideboard Guide 

Andrea Mengucci

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