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We Have Normality: A Core Set 2021 Review

Zvi Moshowitz at CoolStuffInc argues that Core Set 2021 is a good return to normality. 

Decks to Consider: Players Tours 3&4

John Rolf at Hareruya looks at the top decks from the latter two Players Tours. 

A Meta-Call, a Sideboard Guide and a PT Top 8

Ally Warfield at TCGInfinate has a tournament report from her top 8.

Fresh Magic 2021 season Decks from Content Creators

Andrelivored at AetherHub looks at a wide variety of possible new decks. 

Why You Should Play Eldrazi Tron in Modern in 2020

Marin Magda argues that Eldrazi Tron is the deck to play in Modern.

Best of CFB

MagicTV – Top 8 Cats

Magic TV – The Ben Seck and Mashi Scanlan 

Legacy Deck Guide: UWr Sharkstill

Noah Walker

MTG Arena June State of the Game

Alex Ullman

Reid’s Guide to Legacy: Combo Decks

Reid Duke

Core Set 2021 Constructed Set Review


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