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One Particular Deck Dominated Magic: The Gathering Players Tour Metagame

Nicholas Price at WeGotThisCovered explains why its all GrowthSpiral all day. 

Magic The Gathering Arena Announces Hundreds of New Cards for Historic Mode

Alexander Sowa at CBR details the new cards historic is getting. 

Shrines return to Magic: The Gathering in Core Set 2021

Danny Forster at DotEsports reports the return of Shrines. 

Casting Cantrips in 2020

Javier Dominguez at Hareruya explains the right way to use cantrips in 2020. 

Will Standard Ever Be Healthy Again?

Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer tries to figure out how to make Standard balanced again.

Best of CFB

My Thoughts on Standard for PT3 and PT4 + Bant Flash Deck Guide

Martin Juza

Thoughts About the Metagame from Players Tour Online 1 and 2

William Jensen

Tweaking Mono Red Aggro for the Players Tour Online

Frank Karsten

Sultai Snow – Modern | Gabriel Nassif

Gabriel Nassif 

Sultai – Standard | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

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