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‘Magic: The Gathering’ Removes Racist Cards From The Game

Lauren Orsini at Forbes covers WOTC’s decision to remove seven cards from Magic.

To Whom it May Concern 

Lawrence Harmon on Google Docs argues that the message from WOTC has been “general apathy towards black MTG players has sent a resounding and clear message of “we don’t care”.”

The Wizards I Know

Zaiem Beg on Google Docs writes about his experiences with WOTC’s lack of inclusiveness. 

The Return of Tempered Steel

Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc Explains why Scars Block Constructed’s deck to beat is back. 

Magic: The Gathering’s Sad Robot Makes A Triumphant Return For Core Set 2021

Mat Elfring at Gamespot details why Solemn Simulacrum is Back and why it matters.  

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MagicTV – Top 8 PT Locations

Magic TV Mashi and Martin Juza

Sultai – Reid Duke

Reid Duke

Mono Red Cleave | Standard – Huey Jensen

Huey Jensen 

Core Set 2021 Spoilers

CFB Staff

Standard Gruul Aggro Deck Guide

Huey Jensen

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