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MTG Ixalan vampire revealed in first Core Set 2021 spoiler

Danny Forster at Dot Esports covers the 2021 core set spoilers. 

Theorycrafting Post Ban Standard

The Asian Avenger at MTGgoldfish takes a look at what might be good in post nerf standard. 

Budget Modern: Dredge

Emma Partlow at TCGInfinate details a surprising budget deck. 

Planeswalker Points and the Veteran Players of Magic

The Hareruya Media Team interviewed some of Magic’s highest Planeswalker Point players.

5 Decks to Beat in the New Post-Ban Standard

Ondrej Strasky at MTGAZone looks at what is strong in the new standard.

Best of CFB

White Eldrazi – Legacy | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

Standard Mono-Red Deck Guide

William Jensen

The Ban Wagon Returns – Companion Rules Change and Standard Bans

LSV and Matt Nass: The Ban Wagon

World Building and The Potential Scope of Commander

Conner Mcleod 

Keep or Mulligan with Reid #1

Reid Duke

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