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Wizards Confirm Next Banned and Restricted Announcement to be Made June 1st, with Companion Mechanic Changes!

Drifter at MTGA previews the soon to come changes to Companion and Bans. 

Bursavich Allegedly Suspended For Failing To Cooperate In Investigation

Nick Miller at Star City games explains the Austin Bursavich situation. 

Preparing for Companions to Change

Seth Manfield at TCGPlayer looks at how to get a jump on the post ban changed companion world.

Pioneer Gyruda Combo Deck Guide

Kelvin Chew at Hareruya looks at how to play Gyruda in Pioneer. 

Top Standard Challenge Decks

Mike Likes at CoolStuffInc looks at the state of standard.

Best of CFB

What is an optimal mana curve (for decks with or without companions)?

Frank Karsten 

Ally Warfield | Humans of Magic

Humans of Magic

MagicTV – Ikoria Hit or Myth & Top 8 Cyclers

Mashi and LSV

CFB Pro Showdown Metagame Analysis, Developments, and Spice

Frank Karsten

Gruul Umori Deck Guide

Martin Juza

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