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Lands from a Winner’s Perspective

I’m a huge Legacy fan, which means Jarvis Yu’s R/G Lands primer over at GatheringMagic.com caught my eye this week. Jarvis recently won GP Seattle/Tacoma with this deck, and if I hadn’t just finished assembling ANT, I might have bought into this deck. Maybe on MTGO…

Dragons, Birds, and Rhinos… Oh my?

Switching over to Standard, Ali Aintrazi has provided a sweet 4-color Dragons list over at TCGPlayer that includes 4 of everyone’s favorite Dragon: Siege Rhino. Wait, what? At least this list gives me something to do with my FNM Promo Orators of Ojutai. If you like tap-out control decks as much as I do, check this one out.

KCI: A second sunrise for Eggs?

Moving on to Modern, Melissa de Tora featured a Krark-Clan Ironworks combo deck in her Daily Decks series over at the official Magic site. Complex combo decks like this are generally fun to play (but maybe not fun to play against) so if you’re looking for something more offbeat than the average Modern deck, this is a good choice.

Chasing the World Magic Cup

If you’re getting as hyped up to watch the World Magic Cup as I am, you’ll enjoy reading Jason Chung’s breakdown of the Unified Standard format on MTGMintCard. It’s a bit different from the breakdown Frank Karsten gave us last week, so if you want to be an expert by the time coverage starts, give this a read.

An Array of Powerful Cards

Finally, fellow Commander enthusiasts who like high-powered decks will enjoy this tutor-heavy Child of Alara deck that Nick Wolf posted on PucaTrade.com. What are we tutoring for? Oath of Druids, apparently. If you like decks where cards like Necropotence and Jace, the Mind Sculptor occupy slots next to cards like Prism Array, this deck might be crazy enough for you.

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Keep or Mulligan? With Reid Duke

Paulo’s Keep or Mulligan series continues with special guest Reid Duke! This week’s installment features hands from Standard Esper Dragons, Modern Faeries, Modern Grixis Control, Legacy Death & Taxes, and a BFZ Draft deck. I struggle with mulligan decisions, as I think a lot of us do, and these articles always teach me a lot about how I should think about mulligans.

Saito’s Red/Black Aggro

I miss Goblin Guide as much as the next aggro player, but Zurgo Bellstriker is close enough for me, and apparently it’s close enough for Tomoharu Saito as well. Frank Karsten has a fondness for decks like this, which is why he chose to write about Saito’s deck from Grand Prix Kobe. The main-deck Self-Inflicted Wounds remind me of the days when maindecking Flashfreeze was a reasonable plan, but in a good way.

The Deck to Beat This Weekend: Legacy Storm

Reid Duke does what I’ve always worried someone would do: he gives everyone advice about how to beat Storm in Legacy. Come on, Reid! I just bought these Lion’s Eye Diamonds. If you’re playing any Legacy in the coming weeks, this is worth a Reid. Er, read.

UR Twin vs. Modern: The Mirror Match

Pascal Maynard’s last Top 8 Modern Decks series was very popular, so he’s back with a series about how to play UR Twin against different decks in Modern. This week’s offering is about the mirror, and Pascal includes details about how to play and board against different varieties of Twin. Check it out!

Ban Top/Don’t Ban Top

Okay, I lied, we have six articles from CFB this week, but isn’t it more fun if I throw in a split card like this on occasion? There’s been a lot of buzz about Top recently—Caleb Durward wants it banned, and Matt Sperling wants to let it run free. No matter which side you fall on, both articles are a great read!


We’ve got two big pieces of news this week straight from Mike Rosenberg at the official Magic website. First off, the 2016 GP promo card has been announced, and it’s a doozy. You’ll be able to get it by playing in any Grand Prix Main event in 2016 while supplies last. Here it is:


I love this art, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. I’ll probably have to trade for it, since I never get to play in Grand Prix events, but it’s still awesome.

Speaking of awesome things and professional events, the World Magic Cup is coming up from December 11th to 13th, and the competition is going to be incredible. The format has changed a bit—Day 1 is Swiss with a cut to Top 32, Day 2 is pool play that gets us to Top 16 and then Top 8, and then the Top 8 will be the usual single-elimination bracket. I can’t wait to watch the coverage!

That’s it for this week. Let me know in the comments what you enjoyed this week in Magic, and I’ll see you next time!


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