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Self-Paced Play Differentiates ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’s First-Ever Cash Prize Tournament

Lauren Orsini at Forbes has the details on Arena’s first cash tournament. 

The Best Competitive Magic: The Gathering Decks of 2020

Anthony McGlynn at Den of Geek has the details on the best standard decks. 

WotC overhauls 2020 Magic: The Gathering season with Arena tournaments

Danny Forster at DotEsports has the details on the players tour switching to Arena. 

Mardu Knights at Red Bull Untapped 2020

Lee Shi Tian at Hareruya has finally created a viable Lurrus Deck. 

Winners and Losers of the Lurrus Ban in Legacy and Vintage

Adam Yurchick at TCGInfinate looks at the consequences of the Lurrus bans.

Best of CFB

Updates to the 2020 Magic Esports Partial Season

Alex Ullman 

How many sources do you need to consistently cast your spells? An IKO update

Frank Karsten

Banned & Restricted Changes that Were and Changes that Weren’t

Matt Sperling

Yorionshift – Modern | Andrea Mengucci

Andrea Mengucci 

The Most Savory Flavors, Part Deux

Brian DeMars

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