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Wizards Confirm Next Banned and Restricted Announcement to be Made May 18

Terrence at MTGAZone covers the next B&R Announcement. 

When Magic: The Gathering Invaded The First Spider-Man Movie

Jake Vyper at EpicStream covers when an Invasion was in a Spider Man Movie. 

21st Place at MagicFest Online with Big UW Control

Gregory Orange at Hareruya talks through battling with UW control. 

This Week in Legacy: The Wrath of Karn

Joe Dyer at MTGGoldfish covers the state of legacy. 

Dream-Den’s Alurr: Lurrus in RG Prowess

Jordan Boisvert at Modern Nexus tries to demonstrate that there is no deck

Best of CFB

Jeskai Winota – Standard | Martin Juza

Martin Juza

The Monday Meta – Boros Cycling and Obosh Mono-Red

Mashi Scanlon and Martin Juza

Top 5 Underperforming Ikoria Draft Cards

Ben Stark

Grixis Delver – Modern | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

Power Rankings – May 11th, 2020

Alex Ullman 

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