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Is 80 the New 60?

Joe Soh at Hareruya extols the virtues of Yorian. 

Keeping Up with the Companions in Standard

Nick Prince at TCGInfinate looks at all the viable companions for standard. 

A Very Odd Mono Black Standard Deck

Jim Davis Tries to make Obosh work. 

Standard’s Problem? The Consistency of Fast Mana

Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish argues that standard needs more variance. 

Insider: MTGO Finance Update: Chests and Ikoria Redemption

Kyle Rusciano looks at the state of MTGO finance.

Best of CFB

How many lands do you need in a 60-card deck or 80-card deck?

Frank Karsten 

Temur Clover Deck Guide

William Jensen 

Jund Lurrus – Modern | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

Pioneer Lotus Breach Deck Guide


Gruul Aggro Historic Deck Guide

Martin Juza

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