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MTG Arena ELEAGUE showdown week 1 standings and highlights

Danny Forster at DotEsports explains the state of the Arena E-League. 

6 Impactful Cards for Standard

Javier Dominguez at Hareruya talks about what cards are and should be making a splash in standard. 

This Deck Seems a Little Familiar

Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc talks about the return of a deck that won’t die.

Magic: The Gathering Bans Yet Another Card From Commander Format

Joe Pring at WeGotThisCovered explains why the ban keeps swinging. 

Joe Russo Gives Updates on ‘Battle of the Planets’, ‘Magic: The Gathering’, and ‘Grimjack’

Tom Reimann at Collider looks at the status of the mtg show by the Russo brothers. 

Best of CFB

Orzhov Lurrus – Standard | Huey Jensen

WIlliam Jensen

Ikoria Draft Guide – Red/White Cycling


Orzhov Lurrus Deck and Sideboard Guide

William Jensen

Why are Companions so Powerful?

Martin Juza

The Colors of Pauper: Blue

Alex Ullman

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