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Standard Metagame Breakdown March 22, 2020

Yoman5 at TCGPlayer Infinite looks at the current state of standard.

The Important Article

Michael Flores at CoolStuffInc looks at the tech that’s important in standard. 

Is Red Still Viable?

John Rolf at Hareruya looks at how to build the optimal standard deck.

New Secret Lair Features the Greatest Magic Cards of All Time, Ever

David Mccoy at Hipsters of the Coast reports on the actual reprint of Magic’s ‘greatest’ cards. 

This Week in Legacy: The Dead Format

Joe Dyer at MTGGoldfish looks at if legacy is a dead format and what is good in it.

Best of CFB

Two Great Vintage Decks You Can Play Online


Mono-Red – Historic | MartinJuza

Martin Juza

MagicFest Lyon Report *Winner*

Biaggo Ruocco 

Five Rogue Pioneer Decks

Martin Juza 

Two New Leaders in the Standard Metagame

Matt Sperling

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