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New round of Magic: Arena bans hilariously ban Oko in another format

Yep, banned again. You may have been more surprised to learn that there was still a format in which Oko was legal.

A Comprehensive List of Pauper Playable: Black and Red

Scouring Gatherer isn’t the most efficient way to do your Pauper brewing. Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc has your back with an easy reference list of the playables in the format.

Reading Opponents When Weird Things Happen

Lucas Berthoud at Hareruya looks at how to react to weird plays by your opponent.

The View from Seattle: Preparing for COVID-19

Cavedan at Faithless Brewing has a podcast about how to handle Covid-19

Ban List Fever: The Never Ending Discussion of What Should (and Should Not) Be Banned

It was a long 2019, and 2020 is still cleaning up some of the mistakes. Saffron Olive at MTGGoldfish looks at the way the discussion of bans has influenced the process.

Best of CFB

Reid’s Guide to Legacy: Graveyard Decks

Reid Duke

The Best Decks in Standard Right Now

Martin Juza

Theros Beyond Death | Drafting with Jamie

Jamie Topples

Mono-Red – Standard | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

Fae of Wishes in MTG Arena Best-of-1 Standard

Andrea Mengucci

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