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“Dungeons & Dragons” Announces Next “Magic: The Gathering” Book

Gavin Sheehan at Bleeding Cool has a first look at the new DnD Magic crossover book.

Battle of One: Historic Gitrog Monster

Ali Aintrazi at CoolStuffInc shows you how to do the Monster Mash in Historic.

Mythic Point Challenge with Rakdos Sacrifice

Raphael Levy at Hareruya shows you the ropes with Rakdos Sacrifice.

DreamHack Anaheim 2020 Arena Open Decklists – Top 16 and Metagame Breakdown

Terence at MTGAZone does a deep dive on the metagame from the DreamHack open.


David Sharman at MTGPrice looks at what foils could gain in price in the near future.

Best of CFB

Reid’s Guide to Legacy: Using Cantrips Properly

Reid Duke

Standard Deck Guide: Mono-White Devotion

Frank Karsten

Pioneer Deck Guide: Mono-Red Aggro

Frank Karsten

TeamCFB Standard Deck Guide: Temur Reclamation (Update)

Martin Juza

45/55 Sultai Standard Deck Guide

Andrea Mengucci

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