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Battleboxing Unsanctioned

Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc talks about how to use Unsanctioned in Brian DeMars’ favorite format, Battlebox.

Hunter Pence wants to be a ‘Magic: The Gathering’ champion. Let’s build him a deck

James Doctor at SBNation has a deck idea for the Giants outfielder.

9-Year-Old Dana Fischer Becomes The Youngest Magic: The Gathering Player to Win Cash at Grand Prix

Jake Vyper at Epicstream reports on how Dana Fisher cashed a GP.

Magic World Championship XXVI 2020 Day 3 Recap

Terence at mtgazone covers PVDDR’s path to becoming the Magic: The Gathering World Champion.

Wizards Announces Challenger Decks – “Magic: The Gathering”

Joshua Nelson at BleedingCool looks at the new Challenger Decks.

Best of CFB

Reviewing the Coverage of the Magic: the Gathering World Championship 2020

Matt Sperling

Chaos Phantom Swiss – Draft | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

Breaking Pioneer with Lotus Breach in Brussels

Brent Vos

The Best Standard Decks in the Wake of Worlds

Josh Silvestri

A Complete Guide for Small-Red Aggro in Standard

Bobby Fortanely

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