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Draftsim’s Theros Draft Guide

This is the Limited guide to end all Limited guides—a complete primer on Theros Beyond Death Draft from Draftsim. Just take a look at the table of contents—it’s one of the most comprehensive guides you’ll find about anything in Magic. Don’t miss this one.

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Everything You Need to Know About Azorius Control in Standard

Michael Flores at CoolStuffInc details how to build and play U/W Control in Standard.

Theros Standard Metagame February

Andreliverod at AetherHub has a complete overview of the Standard metagame.

The best Magic: The Gathering Arena decks

Looking for a bird’s eye view of how the wider world view MTG Arena and Standard? Philip Palmer at PCGamer has his list of the best decks in the format.

Magic: the Gathering Arena Is Coming To Mobile Later This Year

Ready to play Magic on your phone? Christopher Tueton at ScreenRant details the plans for mobile Arena.

Top 8’ing Players Tour Nagoya with The Trusty Vampires

Dmitry Butakov at Hareruya has a tournament report for his Top 8 in Nagoya.

Best of CFB

6 Ways the Next Pauper B&R Could Affect Tron

Brian Demars

Where Does Pioneer Go from Here?

Matt Sperling

Pauper at the Start of 2020

Alex Ullman

Standard Mono-Red Deck and Sideboard Guide

Andrea Mengucci

The Bloody Experience: In Her Own Words

Humans of Magic

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