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Inversely Proportional: The Rise of Dimir Inverter of Truth

Brian Braun-Duin looks at the combo deck that’s been taking Pioneer by storm lately.

White Weenies in Pauper

Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc has the latest WW tech for Pauper.

Sultai Inverter Combo Deck Guide

Dimir isn’t the only way to rock Inverter in Pioneer—Joseba Garcia at Hareruya shows you the ropes with Sultai Inverter.

Is Dream Trawler the new Dragonlord Ojutai?

At one point, Ojutai was the go-to finisher for every control deck in Standard. KillerDub at AetherHub think Dream Trawler is destined for the same legacy.

And So It Begins: Metagame Starting Point

Modern hasn’t gotten a lot of love lately, but the guys at Modern Nexus, naturally, never rest. David Ernenwein

Best of CFB

Inverter Is The Truth

Martin Juza has the definitive guide to the hottest deck in Pioneer.

Attacking Pioneer with Mono-Black

Andrea Mengucci didn’t end up playing Mono-Black Aggro, but it performed pretty well at the Players Tours.

B/W Doom Foretold – Standard | Andrea Mengucci

Theros Beyond Death Draft | Channel Marshall

U/W Control – Pioneer | Channel LSV

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