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First Look at Magic: The Gathering MMO Gameplay Revealed

Rollin Bishop at ComicBook looks at Magic’s new MMO.

Hey, Soul Sister – Budget Life Gain in Modern

Emma Paltrow at TCGPlayer updates Soul Sisters for Modern.

Rakdos Aristocrats and Esper Hero with Theros Beyond Death

Sebastian Pozzo at Hareruya looks at how to update your Standard gauntlet with Theros 2.0.

Making Esper Stax Work with Theros

Gapollard1 at AetherHub tries to make Stax work in the new Standard format.

Why is Dominaria Draft so good?!?

MTG Jeff at TheManaBase has a Draft playthrough with one of the best Limited formats of all time.

Best of CFB

Spoiler Spotlight: Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded

Eric Levine

Pioneer Lands and Pioneer Mana Bases Masterclass: Improve How You Understand and Build Magic Decks

Matt Sperling

Rakdos Knights is Standard Splinter Twin

Martin Juza

Vintage Cube Draft | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

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