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Building Bant Company in Pioneer

Kelvin Chew at Hareruya has a new Bant CoCo deck for Pioneer.

A Magic: The Gathering MMO is on the way, watch the teaser trailer

Charlie Hall at Polygon has the details on MTG’s new MMORPG.

Pattern Recognition #134 – Mercadian Masques

BerryJon at TappedOut defends the much maligned Mercadian Masques. 

Channel Nikachu: Oko in Modern Simic Merfolk

Nikachu at TheManaBase has a playthrough with Simic Merfolk.

Hayne’s Esper Control

AliasV at TCGplayer takes Esper Control through an event on TCGPlayer.

Best of CFB

Vintage Cube Draft | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

Pioneer Bans – Reactions and Predictions

Matt Sperling

Blue-Red Flash: Standard Deck Guide

Martin Juza

Vintage Cube Draft | Channel LSV


U/R Delver – Legacy | Reid Duke

Reid Duke

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