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Magic: The Gathering color pie provides cohesion but also creates conflict, says Mark Rosewater
Danny Forster at DotEsports examines Mark Rosewater’s comments on the color pie.

Magic: The Gathering Netflix Series Gets Approximate Release Date & Placeholder
Jake Vyper at EpicStream talks about the MTG Netflix series bread crumbs.

Golgari Cat in Post-Bans Eldraine Standard
Fabrizio Anteri at Hareruya looks at how to Cat in Standard.

Humans Might Be the Best Deck in Modern
Adam Yurchick at TCGPlayer argues that Humans is the deck to beat in Modern.

Searching Along the Trail of Crumbs
Zvi Moshowitz at CoolStuffInc examines one of the defining engines of the format.

Best of CFB

• Andrea Mengucci: Finally! My First Grand Prix Top 8, with Sultai Delver in Legacy
• Josh Silvestri: Where R&D’s Design Philosophy is Taking Us
• Matt Sperling: What Do the Latest Bans Mean for the Future of Pioneer?
• Martin Juza: The Best Archetypes in Throne of Eldraine, and the Most Overrated and Underrated Cards
• Riley Knight: Six Sweet Historic Decks

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