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Tournaments, Bans and Brews aplenty. Catch up on all the news and content from the Magic world over the last week!

News and Events

GP Sao Paulo

Thigo Rosenmann won GP Sao Paulo with Jeskai Fires

No Okos here

November 18th Ban and Restricted Announcement

More Additions to Ban City

Best of the Web

Is Magic: The Gathering Getting A Cyberpunk World?

Jake Vyper at Epicstream reads the tea leaves and suggests that cyberpunk may come to MTG.

MC VI Report -My First MC Top 8

Sebastian Pozzo at Hareruya has a report and decklist from his Mythic Championship Top 8.

Constructs, Roll Out! Building Affinity on a Budget

Emma Partlow at TCGplayer looks at how to build Budget Affinity.

The Fast and the Furious: Pioneer Rakdos Vehicles

Jim Davis at CoolStuffInc looks at sweet Pioneer deck.

Going Infinite with Heroics and Burn

John Moyer at MTGGoldfish looks at how to go infinite with two mono-color pauper decks.

Best of CFB

Grixis Delver – Legacy | Channel Mengucci

Andrea Mengucci

The Post-Ban Standard Metagame

Josh Silvestri

Innistrad Draft | Channel LSV


Jund – Post-Ban Standard | Channel LSV


How Power Creep Became the MTG Story of 2019

Matt Sperling

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