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GP Lyon 

Antoine Lagarde won the tournament with Bant Food. 

GP Nagoya

Riku Kumagai won the event with Simic Food

Pioneer Ban Announcement

Ian Duke on the Mothership has new Pioneer Bans


From Around the Web

Magic The Gathering: 5 Reasons To Visit Kamigawa Again (& 5 Not To)

Louis Kemner at The Gamer looks at why (or why not) to return to Kamigawa.


Magic: The Gathering Designer Shares New Insight To Recent Pioneer Bannings

Jake Vyper at EpicStream breaks down Aaron Forsythe’s explanation of the pioneer bans. 


The Salty Sultais

Brian Braun-Duin at TCG player looks at how to build the optimal Sultai Food. 


Pioneer Frontrunners

Lee Shi-Tian highlights the best Pioneer decks.


Play the Deck You Want

Kendra Smith at CoolStuffInc makes a radical argument on deck selection.


Best of CFB


Standard Testing | Channel Martin Juza

Martin Juza


Sultai Midrange – Pioneer | Channel Reid Duke

Reid Duke


The Best Decks in Pauper After the Astrolabe Ban

Alex Ullman 


What Beat What in Legacy at Grand Prix Atlanta

Tobi Henke


Home on the Midrange – Getting Ahead of the Pauper Metagame

Brian DeMars

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