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GP Phoenix brings out Eldraine masters

Max Mink won the Sealed tournament over a stacked GP top 8.


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Oko, Thief of Crowns has consumed Magic: The Gathering’s meta

Danny Forster at Dotesports explains why Oko is out of control.

10 Non-Oko Decks that can Save Standard

Gapollard1 at AetherHub looks at what can beak Oko.

Pioneering Pioneer

Ryan Normandin at Flipside gaming looks at the pillars of the new format.

The Art of Building a Legacy Deck

Robert Swieki at Cardmarket looks at how to create a new legacy deck.

The Pioneer Metagame: October 30th 2019

Yoman5 at TCGplayer looks at the current pioneer metagame


Best of CFB

Why Flavor Text and Art Matter More Than You Think

Conner Macleod

The Scariest Magic Cards of All Time

Brian DeMars

The Legacy Metagame and Win Rates from GP Atlanta

Tobi Henke

Mono Blue Devotion – Pioneer | Channel Mengucci

Andrea Mengucci

Is Ghosting Ethical?

Mashi, Gabi, LSV


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