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Trio Takes Down GP Indy

Mohamad Qadi, Joseph Karani, & Kevin Brown took down Modern with Whirza, Jeskai Stoneblade, & Burn in the post-Hogaak world.

Magic: The Gathering Makes It To National Toy Hall of Fame Ballot, and You Can Vote Now

Jake Vyper at EpicStream explains.

Mythical Dispute in MTG Throne of Eldraine hates on Blue

Danny Forster at DotEsports covers a card that will see play in blue mirrors for years.

Where in the World is Modern Trending?

Brian Bruin-Duin at TCGplayer looks at the state of Modern.

10 Decks for Post-Rotation Standard

Fabrizio Anteri at Hareruya looks at what is good in standard post rotation.

Best of One: Golos in New Standard

Ali Antrazi looks at a sweet new Standard Deck

Best of CFB

Guilds of Ravnica Draft | Channel Jamietopples

Jamie Topples

Gruul Dinos is Back in Standard Thanks to Rampaging Ferocidon

Andrea Mengucci

Naya – Modern | Channel Jacob Wilson

Jacob Wilson

Magic Needs More Events Like the Pauper Premier League

Brian Demars

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