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Magic: The Gathering’s New Pro Players Prove To Be Controversial Picks

Cecilia D’Anastasio looks at the new additions to the MPL and why they were selected.

Magic: The Gathering’s Pro League is A Total Mess Right Now

I guess Screenrant isn’t pulling any punches on their thoughts on the state of the MPL.

Top 8 Reasons Teferi, Time Raveler is the Best Card in Standard

Michael Flores at CoolstuffInc has a tribute to the best new, sigh, Teferi.

Pauper Deck Tech: Five-Color Affinity

Budget MTG Decks at TCGPlayer covers Pauper Affinity.

What the Pros are Playing: Analysis of MPL Spark Split, Week 1

CovertGoBlue at Tempostorm looks at week 1 of the MPL.

ICYMI: 5 Posts from ChannelFireball

B/G Raredraft: A Draft Strategy for War of the Spark

What started as innocent card collecting for future Arena Boy Deck Guides turned out to be a legitimately fun and good Limited strategy.

Falls Flack—Who Beat Whom in Legacy at GP Niagra Falls?

What was the best performing deck in Legacy at GP Niagra Falls? Tobi runs the numbers.

The Latest Change to the Magic Pro League Means We’re Going to Have to Get Better at Talking About Merit

WotC recently announced a big change to the Magic Pro League, foregrounding objectives beyond the flat player rankings.

A Guide to Modern Humans: 1st Place at Mythic Championship London

Eli Loveman shares some of the mastery of Humans that earned him a Mythic Championship win.

What Eight Pieces of Weird Tech from Back in the Day Can Teach Us About Magic

Brian reviews some of his favorite tech finds from his history in the game!






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