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GP Pittsburgh and GP Taipei

Evan Petre and Yuuki Ichikawa wiped away any doubt that GW Tokens and Bant Humans are the two best decks in Standard as they respectively took down GPs Pittsburgh and Taipei.

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There was nothing quite like opening those first Magic sets, and Legends offered players a chance to root for a hero for the first time in Magic. Nomad Gamer relives a time when Dakkon Blakeblade was one of the most exciting cards you could open.

Let’s Talk about Negative Stereotypes in Magic: the Gathering

Magic players have faced a certain social stigma since the advent of the game—some baseless, some accurate. Joseph Dunlap tells you how to dispel the myths and help correct the legitimate criticisms.

MtA Episode 178: We’re so Emrakul

Maria and Meghan of Magic the Amateuring discuss combat math, the new Emrakul, and much more on episode 178.

MTG Card Quiz

Test your Magic knowledge with this quiz from Nick Vigabool at Gathering Magic.

Introducing the 2016 Gamers Helping Gamers Scholarship Recipients

5 Posts from ChannelFireball You Shouldn’t Miss

Eternal Masters Draft Guide

Eternal Masters is a tough format if you don’t know what you’re doing. PV’s been drafting the format extensively, so we got him to distill his thoughts into a guide.

A New Tool for Coverage

Since I started running coverage for ChannelFireball, I’ve been stumped by the question of how to communicate the big picture of a game visually in a clear way. Corbin Groothius sent me the first good shot I’ve ever seen anyone take, and I knew I had to run it. See what you think, and let me know what you think.

Eldritch Moon Preview: Stromkirk Condemned

Caleb broke down our preview card in LSV’s absence, and it’s a sweet one.

Bant Humans Deck Guide

Newly-minted Platinum Pro and rising star Oliver Tiu shows you how to master Bant Humans.

Eldritch Moon Mechanics in Limited

Neal Oliver took an early look at the mechanics of Eldritch Moon and how they might play out in Draft.

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